Hook (1991)


Peter Pan has grown up and forgotten his magical past, but then old archenemy Captain Hook kidnaps his children…

Seen before? I saw it on VHS when it first came out.

Best performance: Dustin Hoffman has long been on my list of people who can do no wrong. Sadly, this film challenges that placement. A fun Phil Collins crops up in a one-scene cameo.

Best scene/moment/sequence: It’s a struggle to think of anything that especially impressed me. The baseball game in Never Never Land maybe?

Review: Twee, naff, overlong and so, so dull. The first real stinker of this #SpielbergWatch process. Not only is its overall effect vapid, sugary schmaltz, but the movie has such little momentum to it – a long, dreary middle section featuring the Lost Boys seems to never-never end. Also, perhaps because it’s deliberately a children’s film, there’s no real menace or danger. A man’s kids are taken away from him, yet neither Peter nor the kids ever seem that concerned. Hoffman’s Hook, meanwhile, is an unentertaining, impotent villain. On the plus side, the Never Never Land sets are superb, especially the intricate piratic ships, docks and wharfs. Spielberg’s folly. I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.

Three Tinkerbells out of 10.

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