Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989, Peter Bonerz)


The penultimate entry in the franchise – hollow but harmless fun – sees the team tackle a crime spree. Here are more of the series’s running gags and clichés…

Hightower uses his strength! – He pulls a leg off Harris’s chair so it’ll collapse when he sits down; hits a table flipping a live grenade out of a window; bashes a computer when it won’t give the team access to a file; easily pulls up a manhole cover; gets covered in falling masonry and metal and survives; and has a titanic brawl and similarly huge bad guy.

Tackleberry shoots! – He sleeps with a handgun in his pillow; shoots at his father-in-law when he mistakes him for an intruder; threatens a man with a grenade; gets suited up in camouflage gear; has a game of who-can-shoot-best? with the villain; and drives a monster truck.

Jonesey’s sound effects! – Squeaky footsteps to embarrass a man in a museum; radio bleeps when calling Hightower; a sound-effects-heavy stand-up routine (including Jimi Hendrix’s guitar); YET MORE SODDING badly dubbed kung-fu-movie dialogue; and robotic motors and voice.

Hooks shouts ‘Dirtbag!’ – When a pompous man rips up a parking ticket and calls her “girl”, she serves him loads more, impounds his car and shouts “Boy!” into his face. To get some rappers’ attention, she throws out some rhymes of her own.

Callahan’s chest! – Various guys stare at her in the gym, then wince as she beats up a dummy. When undercover as a jogger, her radio is hidden in her cleavage and a gaggle of horny men follow her. She’s turned on after beating up a baddie, turns to a SWAT team member and says, “What a big gun,” while he fondles it suggestively.

Harris shouts ‘Proctor!’ – He and Proctor don’t notice the robbery they’re staking out taking place behind them. He breaks the mayor’s beloved model ship. He and Proctor pretend to be window cleaners, high up on a skyscraper and Harris almost falls off the gantry. He gets superglued to a chair. When he and Proctor commandeer a bus to chase some bad guys, Proctor keeps making the stops. He says, “Move it! Move it! Move it!” just twice.

Lassard is a bit, um, vague! – He, seemingly on purpose, out-hustles some pool players. He falls asleep (standing up) during the big denouement scene.

Obvious replacement characters! – Nick’s now just part of the gang, and accident-prone Fackler (who was in the first couple of movies) has been brought back to beef up the numbers.

Homophobic!/Racist! – Hightower uncomfortably says, “As you were, Sergeant!” when Nick hugs him.

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