My 10 favourite episodes of Warehouse 13


* Pilot (episode 1.01) – a classy, smartly written introduction to the show’s concept and characters. Loads of fun.

* Claudia (1.04) – a new regular arrives but causes chaos. Knock knock.

* Merge With Caution (2.08) – Pete and Myka swap bodies.

* Where and When (2.10) – Pete and Myka travel to the 1960s. This is the best one of them all.

* Trials (3.02) – Myka’s feeling out of the loop after her time away from the team.

* 3… 2… 1… (3.05) – the same case takes place in three time zones and involves three groups of Warehouse agents.

* Don’t Hate the Player (3.06) – Fargo from Eureka creates a computer game version of Warehouse 13.

* Emily Lake (3.11) – HG Wells returns, but tragedy soon strikes.

* Fractures (4.06) – a number of plots collide with each other in brilliant style.

* The Big Snag (4.13) – a film-noir spoof, doll face. In black-and-white.

Honourable mentions: Magnetism (1.03: an early, clever case-of-the-week), Duped (1.08: Myka’s body is taken over by Alice of Wonderland), Nevermore (1.11: an Edgar Allan Poe-influenced story in which we meet Myka’s parents), Mild Mannered (2.02: Kaylee and Simon from Firefly guest star in a superhero spoof), Beyond Our Control (2.03: a gloriously inventive comic story), Love Sick (3.03: Vanessa and Hugo return, while Pete and Myka think they’ve slept together), Queen for a Day (3.04: Pete’s ex gets whammied on her wedding day), Past Imperfect (3.07: we learn what happened in Denver), The Greatest Gift (2011 Christmas special: a terrific pastiche of It’s a Wonderful Life ), Savage Seduction (5.04: a bonkers send-up of Spanish-language telenovellas).

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