My 10 favourite episodes of Inspector Morse


* The Wolvercote Tongue (25 December 1987) – American tourists, an Anglo-Saxon artifact and the Ashmolean Museum.

* Last Seen Wearing (8 March 1988) – a schoolgirl has gone missing and Morse is convinced she’s been killed.

* Last Bus to Woodstock (22 March 1988) – a woman is found murdered in a pub car park.

* The Infernal Serpent (3 January 1990) – the death of a college fellow leads to dark secrets within a master’s family.

* Driven to Distraction (17 January 1990) – Morse identifies a secondhand-car dealer as a killer, but can he prove it?

* Masonic Mysteries (24 January 1990) – Morse is accused of murder, but an old adversary is framing him…

* Second Time Around (20 February 1991) – the death of a retired policeman reopens an old case that Morse worked on years before…

* Absolute Conviction (8 April 1992) –  guest stars galore (Sean Bean, Diana Quick, Richard Wilson, Tony Steedman, Robert Pugh, Cheryl Hall, Steven Mackintosh, Jim Broadbent, Phil Davis, Sue Johnston) feature in this prison-based episode.

* Cherubim and Seraphim (15 April 1992) – Morse’s niece gets tragically caught up in the rave scene.

* The Remorseful Day (15 November 2000) – Morse mort.

Honourable mentions: The Dead of Jericho (6 January 1987: the first episode), The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (13 January 1987: a deaf academic is killed), Promised Land (27 March 1991: Morse and Lewis head to Australia), The Day of the Devil (13 January 1993: a devil-worshiper goes on the run).

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