Young Dracula: series two (2007/2008)


An occasional series where I write about works inspired by Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula…

These reviews reveal plot twists.

Setting: Same as series one. Episode nine is largely set at the local town museum and is filmed at the Temple of Peace and Heath, a distinctive Cardiff building used numerous times in recent Doctor Who.

Faithful to the novel? This 13-episode run begins the day after series one ended. Due to the gap in filming, though, lead character Vlad Dracula (Gerran Howell) is visibly older, a bit thinner and has a deeper voice. The family’s vampire secret was outed last time, so Eric Van Helsing (Terence Maynard) is now even more committed in his quest.

Best performance: Clare Thomas is good fun as Ingrid, especially as the character becomes more evil.

Best episode: Baby Dracula, episode six, sees Vlad and Ingrid’s mum, Magda, return. She’s pregnant with the Count’s son.

Review: Episode one is a decent scene-setter, combining plot, character, action and comedy. The rest of the series rarely lives up to its promise, sadly. A number of mini-arcs get trotted out – the Draculas’ American relatives show up for three episodes, Mina Van Helsing (Jo-Anne Knowles) joins the show in episode seven, Ingrid gets a boyfriend in episode eight, while the season climaxes with a story about the Grand Vampire and the introduction of a new slayer – but it’s all a bit tired.

Six chosen ones out of 10

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