Since April 2014, I’ve been selecting film series (or occasionally bands’ discographies or TV episodes) and writing reviews. This blog catalogues my efforts.

A full A-Z of reviews is here.

For a guide to the scoring system, click on this link.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Some of the professional things I’ve worked on are listed below.

My bibliography:

Magazines and fanzines:
* Shockeye’s Kitchen: Writer (2000-2003); editor (2001-2003)
Shockeye’s Snack: Writer & editor (2001-2003)
Doctor Who Magazine: Occasional writer (2003-present)
All About Soap: Sub editor (2006-2010); Production editor/chief sub (2010-2016)
Soaplife: Senior sub editor (2017-2018)
* TV & Satellite Week: Senior sub editor (2017-present)
* TV Times: Senior sub editor (2017-present)
* What’s On TV: Senior sub editor (2017-present)
* Chat: Senior sub editor (2020-present)
* Woman’s Weekly: Senior sub editor (2020-present)

Books edited:
* Doctor Who – The Audio Scripts (2003)
Star Quest (written by Terrance Dicks, 2003)
Doctor Who: The New Audio Adventures – The Inside Story (written by Benjamin Cook, 2003)
Doctor Who – The Audio Scripts: Volume 2 (2003)
* Doctor Who: Short Trips – Past Tense (2004)
Doctor Who: Short Trips – Monsters (2004)
Doctor Who – The Audio Scripts: Volume 3 (2004)
Dalek Empire: The Scripts (2004)
Doctor Who: Short Trips – A Day in the Life (2005)
Doctor Who – The Audio Scripts: Volume 4 (2005)
The Coming of the Queen (written by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett, 2005)
Project Valhalla (written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, 2005)
Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Centenarian (2006)
You’re Him, Aren’t You? (written by Paul Darrow, 2006)
Doctor Who: Short Trips – Defining Patterns (2008)

Also: range editor of Doctor Who: Short Trips (2002-2007), Professor Bernice Summerfield (2002-2007) and Wildthyme on Top (short-story anthology edited by Paul Magrs, 2005).

Short stories written:
* Fixing a Hole (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Past Tense, 2004) – writing as Samantha Baker
Observation (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Life Science, edited by John Binns, 2004)
These Things Take Time (Doctor Who: Short Trips –Monsters, 2004) – writing as Samantha Baker
There Never Need Be Longing in Your Eyes (Professor Bernice Summerfield: A Life Worth Living, edited by Simon Guerrier, 2004)
The Sooner the Better (Doctor Who: Short Trips – A Day in the Life, 2005)
Be Good For Goodness’s Sake (Doctor Who: Short Trips – The History of Christmas, edited by Simon Guerrier, 2005) – writing as Samantha Baker
A Murderous Desire (Professor Bernice Summerfield: Something Changed, edited by Simon Guerrier, 2006)
Childhood Living (Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Centenarian, 2006) – writing as Samantha Baker
Private Investigations (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Dalek Empire, edited by Nicholas Briggs with Simon Guerrier, 2006)
Hide and Seek (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Dalek Empire, edited by Nicholas Briggs with Simon Guerrier, 2006)
In Case of Emergencies (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Snapshots, edited by Joseph Lidster, 2007)
24 Crawford Road (Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Ghosts of Christmas, edited by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, 2007)
* Linking material (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Defining Patterns, 2008)
Dateline to Deadline (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Christmas Around the World, edited by Xanna Eve Chown, 2008)
Favourite Star (Doctor Who: Short Trips – Indefinable Magic, edited by Neil Corry, 2009)
* Tick-Tock (Erimem: Into the Unknown, edited by Iain McLaughlin, 2016)
* The Case of the Missing Doctor (Time Shadows 2, edited by Stephen Hatcher, 2018)

Non-fiction books contributed to:
* Fantastic TV: 50 Years of Cult, Fantasy and Science Fiction Television (written by Steven Savile, 2010)
* Time, Unincorporated: The Doctor Who Fanzine Archive (Vol. 2: Writing on the Classic Series) (edited by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith, 2010)
Outside In (edited by Robert Smith, 2012)
Blake’s Heaven: Maximum Fan-Power (2015)
1001 TV Series You Must See Before You Die (edited by Paul Condon, 2015)
Read cut material from this book here.
You and Who Else? (edited by JR Southall, 2015)
Outside In Boldly Goes (edited by Robert Smith, 2016)
* Outside In Makes It So (edited by Robert Smith, 2017)
* Outside In Takes a Stab (edited by Robert Smith, 2019)
* You on Target (edited by Christopher Bryant, 2020)

Audio drama:
Writer: ‘The Missing Reel’ in Dark Shadows: Echoes of the Past (2016)
Writer: ‘On The Line’ in Dark Shadows: Phantom Melodies (2017)
Director: UNIT: The Coup (2004)
Producer: UNIT (five-part drama, 2004-05), Big Finish Magazine (numerous editions, 2002-2006)
Assistant producer: Doctor Who (2002-2006), Dalek Empire (2003-2004), Doctor Who Unbound (2003-2005), Gallifrey (2004-2006), Iris Wildthyme (2005), Cyberman (2005), Sarah Jane Smith (2006)

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