Doctor Who

In October 2015, I began rewatching at least one Doctor Who story per week. I began with those broadcast between 1963 and 1996, and did them in a random order. Then I moved onto the post-2005 stuff, which I’m doing in transmission order. Here are the quick reviews I’ve been tweeting…


1 Mawdryn Undead (1983): Super stuff. More a plot than a story, but very clever and very entertaining. The Brig’s ace too. (Watched: 24 October 2015.)

2 The Seeds of Doom (1976): Two bases under siege – one cold, one old – for the price of one. Vivid, violent and verdant. (Watched: 31 October 2015.)

3 The Krotons (1968/69): Dull drama about dull people doing dull things. Patrick Troughton was ace, though, wasn’t he? (Watched: 7 November 2015.)

4 The Two Doctors (1985): There’s a great, macabre, witty story in there somewhere, but it’s badly directed. Still fun. (Watched: 14 November 2015.)

5 Carnival of Monsters (1973): Wow. Based on some sensational ideas. Witty and dynamic. Two great cliffhangers. Tremendous. (Watched: 21 November 2015.)

6 The War Machines (1966): Rooted in the present but looking to the future. Ben and Polly instantly great. Dodo: extinct. (Watched: 28 November 2015.)

7 Delta and the Bannermen (1987): Dreadful script. Inept direction. Some really poor acting. Irretrievably ghastly. (Watched: 5 December 2015.)

8 Nightmare of Eden (1979): Clever, pacey, built on terrific ideas. Shame it looks cheap and one actor’s taking the piss. (Watched: 12 December 2015.)

9 The Crusade (1965): The cod-Shakespearean dialogue is good fun, but after a strong start the plot peters out a bit. (Watched/heard: 19 December 2015.)

10 The Claws of Axos (1971): Brisk storytelling, the UNIT family, psychedelic direction, Jo’s short skirt… Just fabulous. (Watched: 26 December 2015.)

11 The Underwater Menace (1967): In-fucking-sane. And mostly rubbish. Lovely to see early Troughton, though. He sparkles. (Watched: 27 December 2015.)

12 The Invasion of Time (1978): A thoroughly interesting set-up, but it just descends into technobabblistic tosh. (Watched: 28 December 2015.)

13 Resurrection of the Daleks (1984): Dr Who as a muscular action movie. Not subtle but great fun. Brilliantly nasty too. (Watched: 29 December 2015.)

14 The Daleks (1963/64): The storytelling is as simplistic as it comes. The first one to bore me rigid, sadly. (Watched: 30 December 2015.)

15 The Sontaran Experiment (1975): Inconsequential, forgettable filler. (Watched: 31 December 2015.)

16 Ghost Light (1989): Great Doctor Who = fascinating ideas + engaging storytelling. Well, this has tons of the former. (Watched: 1 January 2016.)

17 Death to the Daleks (1974): Pertwee, Sladen, Carey Blyton, the CSO operator – they’re all trying hard to polish a turd. (Watched: 2 January 2016.)

18 The Enemy of the World (1967/68): Tremendous fun. It rattles along and is inventively directed. (Watched: 9 January 2016.)

19 Meglos (1980): Mostly garbage, but as I’d only seen it once before it was fun to refamiliarise myself. (Watched: 16 January 2016.)

20 The Visitation (1982): Always loved this one. A solid, enjoyable serial that accomplishes what it sets out to do. (Watched: 17 January 2016.)

21 The Myth Makers (1965): Some funny lines and nice ideas, even if not a huge amount happens. (Listened to: 19-22 January 2016.)

22 The Hand of Fear (1976): Stylish location work, great first cliffhanger, good creature make-up… Really dull second half. (Watched: 23 January 2016.)

23 The Trial of a Time Lord (1986): Episodes 5-12 are diverting but there’s a lot of dross. The trial format totally fails. (Watched: 26-30 January 2016.)

24 Spearhead From Space (1970): This is so well made that part of me wishes they’d shot all Dr Who on film. Terrific. (Watched: 31 January 2016.)

25 The Mind Robber (1968): *Wildly* inventive. Surreal, pacey and a lot of fun. (Watched: 6 February 2016.)

26 The Rescue (1965): Far too simplistic. The set of the crashed space ship is nice, though. (Watched: 7 February 2016.)

27 The Ribos Operation (1978): Marvellous. A smart, Hustle-like plot, some fun characters and a sexy Romana. (Watched: 13 February 2016.)

28 Arc of Infinity (1983): …[sigh]. Just nonsense, isn’t it? (Watched: 17 February 2016.)

29 Silver Nemesis (1988): This is like that trifle Rachel makes in Friends. Ingredients thrown in whether they work or not. (Watched: 20 February 2016.)

30 The Curse of Peladon (1972): Terrific. Lovely detail in writing and acting. Pertwee and *excellent*. (Watched: 27 February 2016.)

31 The Android Invasion (1975): The first half is good fun, but once the mystery is solved the story gets very dull. (Watched: 5 March 2016.)

32 Marco Polo (1964): Slow, but delightful. And the on-set photos and telesnaps convince me it must’ve looked gorgeous. (Listened to: 5-11 March 2016.)

33 The Faceless Ones (1967): Too long, but fun, engaging, well directed, funny and features Wanda Ventham. Enjoyed it. (Watched/listened to: 12 March 2016.)

34 The Horns of Nimon (1979/80): A dreary, tatty, Poundland-budget story with a rotten guest cast. What *is* Crowden doing? (Watched: 20 March 2016.)

35 The Caves of Androzani (1984): Intense and inventive. Superb performances. The best Doctor Who story of all time. (Watched: 25 March 2016.)

36 Planet of the Daleks (1973): Is this as bland and boring as 1970s Doctor Who ever got? A slog to sit through. (Watched: 26-28 March 2016.)

37 The Savages (1966): Enjoyable stuff. Pacey for a Hartnell, with some great grandstanding for the Doctor. (Listened to: 29 March to 1 April 2016.)

38 Horror of Fang Rock (1977): Magnificent. Brilliantly written, claustrophobic and detailed. Tom’s on monumental form. (Watched: 2 April 2016.)

39 The Ice Warriors (1967): Enjoyable start, but decends into generic monotony. Worth it for Peter Barkworth: he’s great. (Watched: 9 April 2016.)

40 Robot (1974/75): There’s a real sense of this being made by people who know what they’re doing. Very enjoyable. (Watched: 19 April 2016.)

41 Vengeance on Varos (1985): So much good stuff – great ideas, satire, cynicism – but all muddied. Not a success, sadly. (Watched: 24 April 2016.)

42 Paradise Towers (1987): Decent ideas. Good visuals. But, Jesus wept, the drama-school performances are so tiresome. (Watched: 7 May 2016.)

43 Four to Doomsday (1982): Never seen old Doctor Who and are curious what it was like? Yeah, don’t watch this one… (Watched: 15 May 2016.)

44 Terror of the Autons (1971): Entertaining stuff. Debutants Jo and the Master are instantly great. (Watched: 21 May 2016.)

45 The Smugglers (1966): Buggered if I could follow what was going on half the time. (Listened to: 24-30 May 2016.)

46 Full Circle (1980): Lovely stuff. Very good storytelling. Nicely directed. Enjoyable. (Watched: 5 June 2016.)

47 The Seeds of Death (1969): Drawn-out, but generally enjoyable space pulp. (Watched: 12 June 2016.)

48 The Reign of Terror (1964): Middling, with boring guest characters. (Oh, and the epileptic editing of the animated eps!) (Watched: 18 June 2016.)

49 The Robots of Death (1977): Plotting, dialogue, (most of) the acting, direction, design, Pamela Salem… All *gorgeous*. (Watched: 19 June 2016.)

50 The Monster of Peladon (1974): Not as fresh, fun or focused as Curse, but still more engaging than I’d remembered. (Watched: 20 June 2016.)

51 The King’s Demons (1983): Dreary, dull and forgettable. Everyone looks like they know it’s nonsense. (Watched: 21 June 2016.)

52 The Pirate Planet (1978): Funny dialogue gets steamrollered. The production comes off as tatty. All a bit of a mess. (Watched: 22 June 2016.)

53 Planet of Giants (1964): It’s a very Dr Who-y idea and is staged inventively… Just a shame it’s really boring. (Watched: 23 June 2016.)

BONUS-WATCH K9 & Company (1981): Not great, not awful. Sladen shines. (Watched: 24 June 2016.)

54 The Curse of Fenric (1989): Absolutely magnificent. There’s a huge amount going on, all weaved together with panache. (Watched: 26 June 2016.)

55 The Power of the Daleks (1966): It’s striking how much it focuses on the guest characters. Good stuff, though. (Listened to: 27 June-2 July 2016.)

56 Doctor Who and the Silurians (1970): Great, dynamic storytelling. The plot keeps moving; the characters are interesting. (Watched: 3 July 2016.)

57 Terror of the Zygons (1975): Such confidence to it! It’a marvellously directed and zips along. The monster’s shit, tho’. (Watched: 15 July 2016.)

58 The Awakening (1984): A fun story with a good guest cast and great sets. Flashes of horror too. Rushed ending, though. (Watched: 17 July 2016.)

59 Mission to the Unknown (1965): What a bizarre thing… (Listened to: 18 July 2016.)

60 The Daleks’ Master Plan (1965/66): Rambling but occasionally entertaining. Daleks often least interesting thing in it. (Listened to/watched: 18-25 July 2016.)

61 Destiny of the Daleks (1979): Terry Nation plotting + Douglas Adams flippancy = not terribly successful. Dull. (Watched: 23 July 2016.)

62 The Mark of the Rani (1985): Was getting quite caught up in this one… But then it falls apart alarmingly in Part Two. (Watched: 24 July 2016.)

63 The Time Monster (1972): This one falls into a certain category of Doctor Who story: rubbish… but fun with it.  (Watched: 25 July 2016)

64 The Web of Fear (1968): I just don’t see what the fuss is about. An often boring and repetitive base-under-siege. (Watched/listened to: 26 July 2016)

65 The Invisible Enemy (1977): Technically ambitious, full of good ideas… But quite shallow. No heart to anything. (Watched: 30 July 2016)

66 Kinda (1982): A fascinating, ornate serial where writing, acting and direction are working in harmony. A real treat. (Watched: 6 August 2016.)

67 Revenge of the Cybermen (1975): Lots of ‘As you know’-type dialogue, not gripping, but it passed the time well enough. (Watched: 12 August 2016.)

68 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988/89): Great set-up – stylish, surreal, sinister – but I’m not sure it sustains it. (Watched: 13 August 2016.)

69 The Three Doctors (1972/73): Worth seeing for Pertwee and Troughton (and Katy and Nick). Nothing special otherwise. (Watched: 18-19 August 2016.)

70 The Keys of Marinus (1964): Like some weird cheese dream. Acid seas! Snow! A rapist! A courtroom! George Coulouris! (Watched: 20-21 August 2016.)

71 The Space Pirates (1969): What a load of old shit. Probably the worst serial yet in this redo. (Listened to/watched: 22-25 August 2016.)

72 The Keeper of Traken (1981): Some nice concepts. But, Christ Almighty, it needs more oomph. So, so dull. (Watched: 26 August 2016.)

73 Snakedance (1983): Stunning. Fantastic. Written with depth and feeling; acted and directed with skill. (Watched: 1 September 2016.)

74 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977): Wildly entertaining mish-mash of Victorian cliches. (Aside from the rat and racism.) (Watched: 2-6 September 2016.)

75 Colony in Space (1971): Not as bad as its reputation suggests, but still nothing special. Interesting situation. (Watched: 8-10 September 2016.)

76 The Romans (1965): Witty, dynamic, economic. An epic movie on a TV budget and in 100 mins. Really enjoyable; never dull. (Watched: 13 September 2016.)

77 The Evil of the Daleks (1967): Blimey, that fight between Jamie and Terrall bangs on when you’re listening to the audio. (Listened to/watched: 16-18 September 2016.)

78 The Stones of Blood (1978): Fun to begin with, but sadly the second half swaps a Wicker Man vibe for some silly sci-fi. (Watched: 20 September 2016.)

79 Doctor Who (1996): The plot’s nonsense, but never mind. This is fun, zippy, looks great and is brilliantly directed. (Watched: 27 September 2016.)

80 Timelash (1985): Let’s be positive: Herbert’s quite fun and likeable. (Watched: 4 October 2016.)

81 Dragonfire (1987): Not a classic, but more fun and more interesting than I’d remembered. Best story of its season. (Watched: 10 October 2016.)

82 Warriors of the Deep (1984): Tripe dialogue, LE lighting, dodgy cast. But I like the setting and action-film feel. (Watched: 18 October 2016.)

83 Planet of the Spiders (1974): Less than the sum of its sometimes interesting, sometimes nonsensical parts. (Watched: 24-25 October 2016.)

84 The Edge of Destruction (1964): Bold, brave, bonkers… but boring. (Watched: 30 October 2016.)

85 The Brain of Morbius (1976): Enjoyable. Shame there’s no location filming. Staging of outdoor bits feels a bit am-dram. (Watched: 31 October 2016.)

86 Fury From The Deep (1968): A great, pulpy thriller. The missing Troughton story I’d most like returned. (Listened to: 1-6 November 2016.)

87 The Creature from the Pit (1979): Fun, breezy and entertaining. Good storytelling too. Shame about the blowjob. (Watched: 13 November 2016.)

88 The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve (1966): Beaucoup d’hommes parlant puis beaucoup de gens mourir. (Listened to: 22-27 November 2016.)

89 The Ambassadors of Death (1970): Gets a bit meandering after a while, but still plenty to enjoy. (Watched: 28 November-4 December 2016.)

90 Genesis of the Daleks (1975): Lots of style; some substance. Overrated, perhaps, but still very, very good. (Watched: 4-11 December 2016.)

91 Black Orchid (1982): Lightweight but very charming. Good fun. (Watched: 13 December 2016.)

92 The Dominators (1968): This one made virtually no impression on me! (Watched: 17-18 December 2016.)

93 The Tenth Planet (1966): Enjoyable enough. Love the Cybermen having human hands. It’s a shame that was dropped. (Watched: 20 December 2016.)

94 State of Decay (1980): Spooky and macabre. Good stuff. But what actually *is* the Wasting? (Watched: 22-23 December 2016.)

95 Survival (1989): Brilliantly written (with focus and fun) and directed (shit fake cats aside). Very good score too. (Watched: 27 December 2016.)

96 The Mutants (1972): A couple of good ideas, but a mixed guest cast. Poor and quite dull. (Watched: 29-31 December 2016.)

97 The Sun Makers (1977): Got quite caught up in this one and enjoyed it. Shame it looks so cheap, though. (Watched 7 January 2017.)

98 Terminus (1983): Got quite bored during this one, sadly. Didn’t seem to have much impetus. (Watched: 13-14 January 2017.)

99 The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964): Much better than the first Dalek story. It’s got bite. (Watched: 18-19 January 2017.)

100 The Macra Terror (1967): Such a shame it’s missing. The visuals of the colony and the monsters must have added a lot. (Listened to: 24-27 January 2017.)

101 The Face of Evil (1977): Not been a big fan of this one before but on this viewing it grabbed me. Clever and satirical. (Watched: 27 January 2017.)

102 The Twin Dilemma (1984): There *are* plusses – Colin, Nicola, Kevin McNally – but it’s so gaudy and chintzy. (Watched: 30 January-1 February 2017.)

103 The Green Death (1973): Should be talked of with Caves, Talons, et al. As close to perfect as makes no difference. (Watched: 5-10 February 2017.)

104 An Unearthly Child (1963): One of telly’s great first episodes… then 75 minutes of dully dull dullness. (Watched: 14 February 2017.)

105 The Androids of Tara (1978): Chuffing brilliant. Terrific plot, well directed, lots of fun, and it looks great. (Watched: 18 February 2017.)

106 Frontios (1984): Rough round the edges, but still has things to commend it. Entertaining. (Watched: 24 February 2017.)

107 Remembrance of the Daleks (1988): A sportscar of a serial: there’s huge power, high speed & precision engineering. Wow. (Watched: 3 March 2017.)

108 The Abominable Snowmen (1967): Very boring. (Listened to/watched: 4-9 March 2017.)

109 The Dæmons (1971): Very enjoyable. A fun, pacy story made by a cast and crew on top form. (Watched: 10 March 2017.)

110 Pyramids of Mars (1975): Entertaining and well made. But I’m not convinced of its greatness. Part Four is nonsense. (Watched: 12-13 March 2017.)

111 Galaxy 4 (1965): Enjoyable enough fluff. Love the flashback in episode three – artfully directed. (Listened to/watched: 15 March 2017.)

BONUS-WATCH Shada (1992): The really interesting thing about this serial is (Watched: 18 March 2017.)

112 Earthshock (1982): Not flawless – it ain’t the strongest guest cast ever assembled – but very exciting and well staged. (Watched: 24 March 2017.)

113 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (1974): A good thriller with intrigue, twists, action and politics. (Poor SFX, obvs.) (Watched: 31 March-1 April 2017.)

114 The Invasion (1968): Diverting enough. Good incidental music. Jamie goes mising for nearly two eps and no one notices. (Watched: 4-7 April 2017.)

115 The Web Planet (1965): The staging (SFX, costumes, sound design, camerawork) more interesting than ice-age-slow story. (Watched: 9-14 April 2017.)

116 Image of the Fendahl (1977): Percentage of plot understood: 50. Percentage of Wanda Ventham ogled: 100. (Watched: 21 April 2017.)

117 The Ark in Space (1975): Very enjoyable. The three regulars all shine. (Watched: 23-24 April 2017.)

118 Attack of the Cybermen (1985): Starts well, but gets increasingly dull the longer it goes on. Just mush by the end. (Watched: 30 April 2017.)

119 Time and the Rani (1987): Without merit. (Watched: 2-3 May 2017.)

120 Enlightenment (1983): Super. Engaging, inventive and well directed. Could do without the Guardians subplot. (Watched: 5 May 2017.)

121 Inferno (1970): Stunning. Gripping. So intense at times (Episode 6’s cliffhanger!). Sounds great too. One of the best. (Watched: 7-13 May 2017.)

122 The Celestial Toymaker (1966): Characters bickering over the rules of games. Childish and boring. (Listened to/watched: 14-17 May 2017.)

123 The Highlanders (1966/67): Nothing special, but it passed the time. The Doctor has fun with disguises, voices and hats. (Listened to: 17-19 May 2017.)

124 The Space Museum (1965): Spunks out its one great idea in the first ep and is then bland. Hartnell says ‘Hmm?!’ a lot. (Watched: 20-21 May 2017.)

125 Logopolis (1981): Big ideas, lots of series significance, but it judders and creaks. There’s no finesse to anything. (Watched: 24-25 May 2017.)

126 The Masque of Mandragora (1976): Not the most gripping plot (also too earnest), but pleasant enough and looks lovely. (Watched: 26-29 May 2017.)

127 Day of the Daleks (1972): Classic Pertwee-era Who: great storytelling driven by ideas, action and vivid characters. (Watched: 31 May-1 June 2017.)

128 The Sensorites (1964): Viewers in 1964 must have been easily pleased. Or maybe they had a lot more patience than I do. (Watched: 3-12 June 2017.)

129 Time-Flight (1982): Awful, tatty and an embarrassment. And that’s just the DVD packaging. The serial’s not great either. (Watched: 14-17 June 2017.)

130 The Wheel in Space (1968): It’s interesting how styles of storytelling have changed. This is so slow and plodding. (Listened to/watched: 18-21 June 2017.)

131 The Power of Kroll (1978/79): An enjoyable bit of sci-fi pulp, for the most part. (Watched: 22-23 June 2017.)

132 The Ark (1966): A fun story with good sci-fi ideas and very impressive camerawork. (Dodo also sounds like Daphne Moon.) (Watched: 27-30 June 2017.)

133 Battlefield (1989): Really enjoyed seeing this one again. It’s pacy, fun and there are lots of nice touches. (Watched: 1-4 July 2017.)

134 Frontier in Space (1973): Great fun. Instances of characters being put in a cell/prison – Doctor: 11. Jo: 11. Master: 1. (Watched: 5-10 July 2017.)

135 Planet of Evil (1975): Not awful, but certainly on the boring side. The jungle sets look amazing, though. (Watched: 11-12 July 2017.)

136 Planet of Fire (1984): It’s diverting enough… but I don’t really have any idea what’s going on or what anyone wants. (Watched: 13-14 July 2017.)

137 The War Games (1969): Impressive, entertaining and it (more or less) holds its 10-episode length. Very well directed. (Watched: 15-20 July 2017.)

138 City of Death (1979): A thoroughly charming, endlessly witty serial driven along by an undimmable joie de vivre. (Watched: 20 July 2017.)

139 The Chase (1965): It’s got the Beatles in it, I suppose. And Barbara, Ian & Steven are good. Shabby & boring otherwise. (Watched: 21-22 July 2017.)

140 Revelation of the Daleks (1985): So alive with ideas, details and visuals that the Doctor and Peri feel superfluous. (Watched: 23-24 July 2017.)

141 The Mind of Evil (1971): However cool you think you are you’re not Roger Delgado smoking a cigar in the back of a limo. (Watched: 25-26 July 2017.)

142 The Leisure Hive (1980): I’m all for a more cinematic style in Dr Who but here it fails to lift a very boring plotline. (Watched: 27-30 July 2017.)

143 The Aztecs (1964): Really good stuff. Substance for the regulars to play and some very fine costumes and sets. (Watched: 1-4 August 2017.)

144 Castrovalva (1982): Lots to enjoy – Davison’s performance, the village itself – even if I don’t understand the story. (Watched: 5-6 August 2017.)

145 The Moonbase (1967): Love the bit in Episode 3 where the Doctor has a conversation with his own internal monologue. (Watched: 7-9 August 2017.)

146 Warriors’ Gate (1981): Strange, smart, stylish, surreal, and so ambitious it makes most Doctor Who seem tame. (Watched: 10 August 2017.)

147 The Happiness Patrol (1988): Good stuff. Tone is so important in Doctor Who: this one pitches it just right. (Watched: 11-13 August 2017.)

148 The Time Warrior (1973/74): Sarah’s great straightaway, and the location stuff is fun. Hackneyed guest characters, tho. (Watched: 14-15 August 2017.)

149 Underworld (1978): Well, it just doesn’t work, does it? Is this the cheapest-looking Doctor Who’s ever been? (Watched: 16-17 August 2017.)

150 The Gunfighters (1966): ♫”The accents may vary, the set’s not High Noon/But there’s fun to be had at the Last Chance Saloon!”♫ (Watched: 18-19 August 2017.)

151 The Five Doctors (1983): A critic-proof collection of delights. Tremendous fun. (Watched: 20 August 2017.)

152 The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967): Superb. Directed and played with flair, energy and pace. The filming’s great too. (Watched: 24-25 August 2017.)

153 The Deadly Assassin (1976): No serial better illustrates the storytelling brilliance of the Doctor Who companion. (Watched: 26 August 2017.)

154 The Sea Devils (1972): Very, very enjoyable. Pertwee, Manning and Delgado were all just sensational, weren’t they? (Watched: 27-29 August 2017.)

155 The Time Meddler (1965): Give the Monk a sidekick; he’s a fun character but has no one to collude with. (Watched: 30-31 August 2017.)

156 The Armageddon Factor (1979): It’s a good job Mary Tamm was such a looker. Needed a nice distraction sitting thru this. (Watched: 1-2 September 2017.)

2005 onwards

1 Rose (2005): Lots of fun. Superbly structured. Chris and Billie excellent; Camille too. Occasionally too silly but mostly ace. (Watched: 12 September 2017.)

2 The End of the World (2005): Recast the Ninth Doctor and Rose 1000 times and you won’t beat the chemistry of Chris and Billie. (Watched: 16 September 2017.)

3 The Unquiet Dead (2005): Enjoyable first half, then a bit more ordinary. I wonder why Gwyneth says ‘big bad wolf’ at one point. (Watched: 19 September 2017.)

4 Aliens of London (2005): Fun, fast, good ideas…. Then the episode becomes like a CITV sitcom and I started to lose interest. (Watched: 23 September 2017.)

5 World War Three (2005): Too silly for my tastes. The political stuff is also strangely American (an order of succession, etc). (Watched: 25 September 2017.)

6 Dalek (2005): Terrific, with an action-movie vibe and intensity. It’s really well staged and shot. I’m not sold on Adam, tho’. (Watched: 26 September 2017.)

7 The Long Game (2005): Looks great. Tamsin Greig’s fun. But the plot’s bobbins and (for first time) there’s a whiff of smugness. (Watched: 29 September 2017.)

8 Father’s Day (2005): Breathtaking. Superbly written, played, directed, Shaun Dingwall = the best ever guest perf. in Doctor Who. (Watched: 3 October 2017.)

9 The Empty Child (2005): Beautifully structured. Intriguing story. Eccleston on top form. Detail. Jokes. Scares. *Masterful*. (Watched: 6 October 2017.)

10 The Doctor Dances (2005): Magnificent in each and every way. (Well, maybe except the gag about the woman’s leg growing back.) (Watched: 8 October 2017.)

11 Boom Town (2005): It’s a shame the episode feels the need to have a clunky sci-fi plot. The drama doesn’t need it. (Watched: 11 October 2017.)

12 Bad Wolf (2005): Very good. And I nominate Lynda with a Y as Doctor Who’s best ever shoulda-been-a-companion. (Watched: 16 October 2017.)

13 The Parting of the Ways (2005): Bit deus-ex-machina-y, but fun. Really gonna miss Eccleston. He’s been… well, fantastic. (Watched: 20 October 2017.)

14 The Christmas Invasion (2005): As an intro for a new Doctor, it works. It’s a shame Rose (our POV) has so little to do, tho’. (Watched: 21 October 2017.)

15 New Earth (2006): Better than I’d remembered. Decent plot. Fun comedy. The ending bangs on a bit, though. (Watched: 22 October 2017.)

16 Tooth and Claw (2006): Wonderfully entertaining. A great script with a super structure. Brilliantly staged too. (Watched: 25 October 2017.)

17 School Reunion (2006): Watchable because of Tennant, Piper, Sladen and Clarke. But the plot’s simplistic and naff. (Watched: 29 October 2017.)

18 The Girl in the Fireplace (2006): Breathtakingly, heart-poundingly, mind-bogglingly, pant-pointingly magnificent. (Watched: 30 October 2017.)

19 Rise of the Cybermen (2006): It should work. But it doesn’t. There’s no tension or intrigue and it goes over old ground. (Watched: 2 November 2017.)

20 The Age of Steel (2006): The first episode to actually bore me. (Watched: 3 November 2017.)

21 The Idiot’s Lantern (2006): Never understood why this one isn’t more liked. It’s engaging, fun and looks fab. (Watched: 4 November 2017.)

22 The Impossible Planet (2006): Terrific. Atmospheric, authentic and unsettling (in a good way). Great score too. (Watched: 5 November 2017.)

23 The Satan Pit (2006): Amazing. Scenes of Aliens-like action sit alongside moments of quiet, measured reflection. Very impressive stuff. (Watched: 8 November 2017.)

24 Love & Monsters (2006): There’s so much to enjoy (the structure, the sweetness, LINDA… Jackie!) that it’s a shame when it’s occasionally flippant or crass and spoils the effect. (Watched: 10 November 2017.)

25 Fear Her (2006): Death by a thousand cuts: there are just too many elements to this that are poor, sloppy, loose or off the pace. Oh, and Huw bloody Edwards! (Watched: 11 November 2017.)

26 Army of Ghosts (2006): Is ‘Well, Peggy heard this noise in the cellar, so she goes down…’ the best gag in all of Doctor Who? (Watched: 14 November 2017.)

27 Doomsday (2006): The action plot does nothing for me, but the climax is emotional. Gonna miss Rose: Billie Piper really has been extraordinary. (Watched: 18 November 2017.)

28 Runaway Bride (2006): I’m in a tiny minority, I know, but I just don’t like this one. And not just because draining the Thames makes no sense. (Watched: 22 November 2017.)

29 Smith and Jones (2007): An enjoyable new start. Martha is a boon, rather than a loon or a goon who swoons when the Judoon platoon soon arrive on the moon. (Watched: 26 November 2017.)

30 The Shakespeare Code (2007): Tremendous. There’s a real unity of purpose: the plot, the characters, the action, the comedy… all click together satisfyingly. (Watched: 30 November 2017.)

31 Gridlock (2007): Brilliant. Love the tone, the humour, the surrealism, the look of it all… This season’s going really well so far. (Watched: 5 December 2017.)

32 Daleks in Manhattan (2007): So on-the-nose and broadly played that it’s difficult to get caught up in what’s happening. Not great, sadly. (Watched: 10 December 2017.)

33 Evolution of the Daleks (2007): Yeah, okay, the moment where a Dalek turns round to see if anyone’s listening to a private conversation is quite good. Otherwise poor. (Watched: 17 December 2017.)

34 The Lazarus Experiment (2007): The CGI’s the most obvious flaw, but it’s sadly not the only one. There’s a fairly bland plot too. Unsatisfying. (Watched: 22 December 2017.)

35 42 (2007): The real-time format means we don’t get a chance to know the characters before the madness takes over. Feels quite superficial, unfortunately. (Watched: 28 December 2017.)

36 Human Nature (2007): Wow. Tremendous. Wonderful on every level. Scene after scene of genuine class. A great episode for Martha too. (Watched: 3 January 2018.)

37 The Family of Blood (2007): A brilliant second part. David Tennant shines throughout: the Doctor and John Smith absolutely feel like two different men. (Watched: 4 January 2018.)

38 Blink (2007): Bewilderingly inventive, dazzlingly produced, thrillingly scary and beautifully melancholic. Near enough perfect. (Watched: 6 January 2018.)

39 Utopia (2007): Mostly nonsense. The Captain Jack retconning is retconny. Chan, exciting last few minutes, tho. (Watched: 13 January 2018.)

40 The Sound of Drums (2007): Well, things happen in a defined order. Not sure it counts as storytelling, though. It’s all a bit scattergun. (John Simm’s great fun.) (Watched: 22 January 2018.)

41 Last of the Time Lords (2007): I just don’t buy a single thing that happens. Nothing in the story strikes me as plausible – even in a sci-fi context – so I really don’t enjoy this one. (Watched: 27 January 2018.)

42 Voyage of the Damned (2007): Big, bold and very enjoyable. The best Christmas special so far in #DrWhoRedo. (Watched: 30 January 2018.)

43 Partners in Crime (2008): A tough one for me to judge because I’m the only Doctor Who fan in the world who doesn’t like Donna. Best to just say: not my cup of. (Watched: 3 February 2018.)

44 The Fires of Pompeii (2008): Feature-film-quality sets and locations. Decent plot too. But the Blackadder-ish comedy just doesn’t work. (Watched: 5 February 2018.)

45 Planet of the Ood (2008): For an episode with so much *stuff* – locations, characters, subplots, action sequences – it’s strangely boring. Didn’t engage me at all. (Watched: 6 February 2018.)

46 The Sontaran Stratagem (2008): Getting really quite bored of the sonic screwdriver now. It’s become a magic wand that can do *anything*… unless the plot needs an arbitrary obstacle, then the word ‘deadlock’ gets trotted out. (Watched: 10 February 2018.)

47 The Poison Sky (2008): The Sontarans’ plan is a weird one. It’s kinda reliant on it not being windy anywhere in the world. Too preposterous for my tastes. (Watched: 11 February 2018.)

48 The Doctor’s Daughter (2008): …well, she’s not his ‘daughter’, is she? If only that were the biggest problem, though. Worst episode so far. (Watched: 13 February 2018.)

49 The Unicorn and the Wasp (2008): A total joy – breezy, witty and confident. The best episode since Blink. (Watched: 22 February 2018.)

50 Silence in the Library (2008): Good stuff. Alex Kingston is instantly brilliant. (Watched: 24 February 2018.)

51 Forest of the Dead (2008): Holy cow, *that* River scene packs a punch now we’ve seen the events she’s referring to… (Watched: 28 February 2018.)

52 Midnight (2008): Doctor Who as a horror film. Built on an amazing conceit and really well directed. Fantastic music too. (Watched: 12 March 2018.)

53 Turn Left (2008): Turn off, more like. A far-fetched, facile story. I don’t buy any of it. (Watched: 17 March 2018.)

54 The Stolen Earth (2008): So overblown, overpopulated and over-egged that it’s impossible to take seriously. Aren’t stories meant to make some kind of sense? (Watched: 24 March 2018.)

55 Journey’s End (2008): The polite way to put it would be to say that this episode is not to my tastes. (Watched: 29 March 2018.)

56 The Next Doctor (2008): I like the steampunkiness and David Morrissey. Not sure about the rest of it. It was only an hour but felt longer. (Watched: 2 April 2018.)

57 Planet of the Dead (2009): I can accept aliens, time travel, ghosts, faster-than-light space travel, psychic powers… But a London bus where not one of the passengers is a twat? Give over. (Watched: 6 April 2018.)

58 The Waters of Mars (2009): Of all the Doctor Who stories that are riffs on the movie Alien, this is certainly one of them. Not great but not awful. (Watched: 11 April 2018.)

59 The End of Time Part One (2009): As I’m reaching the end of the Russell T Davies era, here’s part one of my top 10 RTD stories:
10 Midnight
9 The Unicorn and the Wasp
8 Gridlock
7 The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
6 Human Nature/The Family of Blood
(Watched: 18 April 2018.)

60 The End of Time Part Two (2010): I’ve reached the end of the Russell T Davies era, so here’s part two of my top 10:
5 Tooth and Claw
4 Blink
3 Father’s Day
2 The Girl in the Fireplace
1 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
(Watched: 24 April 2018.)

61 The Eleventh Hour (2010): *Dazzling*. So fresh, so dynamic, so smart, so entertaining. An extraordinarily impressive relaunch of the series. Also: #kissogram (Watched: 26 April 2018.)

62 The Beast Below (2010): Some good stuff – Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, the production design, the Star Wars references – but doesn’t really succeed overall. (Watched: 29 April 2018.)

63 Victory of the Daleks (2010): Spitfires flying in space? A bomb talked out of exploding? Amy having next to nothing to do? A limp climax? For me, how the Daleks look is far from the biggest flaw. (Watched: 6 May 2018.)

64 The Time of Angels (2010): Very good. This was the first stuff Matt Smith and Karen Gillan shot, right? And they were this good straight away?! Amazing. (Watched: 10 May 2018.)

65 Flesh and Stone (2010): Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are the best Doctor/companion combo since Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Superb chemistry. (Watched 16 May 2018.)

66 The Vampires of Venice (2010): Not great, not awful. Some of it looks very pretty, but I’m not sure how well it works as a Rory-joins-the-team episode. People smarter than me have pointed out it has a plethora of similarities to 2006’s School Reunion. (Watched: 17 May 2018.)

67 Amy’s Choice (2010): Super. Good stuff for the regulars and an entertaining guest character. (Watched: 20 May 2018.)

Running total of character appearances:
Just for a laugh, I’m keeping a note of how many episodes each regular character* has been in. (*Any character who’s in more than one story.) So far, I’ve had:

Total number of episodes watched: 763 (plus six episodes of Shada, and K9 & Company)

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) – 175 (plus six episodes of Shada)
First Doctor (William Hartnell, Richard Hurndall) – 133
Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) – 130
Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) – 129
Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines, Hamish Wilson) – 116*
Colonel/Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) – 103*
Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) – 85 (and K9 & Company)
Ian Chesterton (William Russell) – 77
Jo Grant (Katy Manning) – 77
Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill) – 74
Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) – 70
Sergeant Benton (John Levene) – 65*
Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) – 65*
Susan (Carole Ann Ford) – 52
K9 [2] (David Brierley, John Leeson) – 50 (plus five episodes of Shada)
Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury) – 49*
Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) – 48*
Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) – 47
The Master [1] (Roger Delgado/Peter Pratt/Geoffrey Beevers) – 45
Steven Taylor (Peter Purves) – 45
Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) – 44*
Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) – 43
Captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin) – 42*
Romana [2] (Lalla Ward) – 41 (plus six episodes of Shada)
Leela (Louise Jameson) – 40
Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling) – 40
Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) – 38
Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) – 36
Polly (Anneke Wills) – 36
Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) – 34
Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant) – 33
Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) – 32
Turlough (Mark Strickson) – 32*
Ace (Sophie Aldred) – 31
The Master [2] (Anthony Ainley) – 28*
Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) – 27*
Liz Shaw (Caroline John) – 26*
Romana [1] (Mary Tamm) – 26
Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford) – 20
Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane) – 19
K9 [1] (John Leeson) – 19
Martha Jones (Freeman Agyeman) – 19
Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) – 17
Davros (Michael Wisher, David Gooderson, Terry Molloy, Julian Bleach) – 16
Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke, Casey Dyer) – 16
Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri) – 15*
Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) – 13
The Black Guardian (Valentine Dyall) – 12
Professor Travers (Jack Watling) – 12
Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) – 11
Alpha Centauri (Ysanne Churchman) – 10
Sabalom Glitz (Tony Selby) – 9
Sylvia Noble (Jacqueline King) – 9
Wilf Mott (Bernard Cribbins) – 9
Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) – 8
Trinity Wells (Lachele Carl) – 8
Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) – 7
Francine Jones (Adjoa Andoh) – 7
The Meddling Monk (Peter Butterworth) – 7
Omega (Stephen Thorne, Ian Collier) – 7
Kamelion (Gerald Flood) – 6*
The Rani (Kate O’Mara) – 6
Sil (Nabil Shaban) – 6
Corporal Bell (Fernando Marlow) – 5
Katarina (Adrienne Hill) – 5
The Watcher (Adrian Gibbs) – 5
The Castellan (Paul Jericho) – 5
Dalek Caan (Nicholas Briggs) – 5
The Master [3] (John Simm) – 5
Cyber-Controller (Michael Kilgarriff) – 4
Lytton (Maurice Colbourne) – 4
Pete Tyler (Shaun Dingwall) – 4*
Dalek Sec (Nicholas Briggs, Eric Loren) – 4
Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton) – 4
Jason Mohammad (himself) – 4
Leo Jones (Reggie Yates) – 4
River Song (Alex Kingston) – 4
Tish Jones (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) – 4
Clive Jones (Trevor Laird) – 3
The Face of Boe (Struan Rodger) – 3
Jake Simmonds (Andrew Hayden-Smith) – 3
K9 [3] (John Leeson) – 3 (and K9 & Company)
Lucy Saxon (Alexandra Moen) – 3
Luke Smith (Tommy Knight) – 3
Margaret Blaine (Annette Badland) – 3
Rassilon (Richard Mathews, Timothy Dalton) – 3
Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) – 3
The White Guardian (Cyril Luckham) – 3
Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley) – 2
Alonso Frame (Russell Tovey) – 2
Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood) – 2
Lady Cassandra (Zoe Wanamaker) – 2
Novice Hame (Anna Hope) – 2
Oliver Morgenstern (Ben Righton) – 2
Queen Elizabeth II (Mary Reynolds, Jessica Martin) – 2
Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) – 2
Edwin Bracewell (Bill Paterson) – 1
Liz Ten (Sophie Okonedo) – 1

* including episodes as alternate-reality versions of character, android doubles and dream sequences.

Also: I reviewed a 1965 episode as part of my Dracula blogging project.